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Important Information for Incoming First Year Students about Mathematics Requirements at CCSU
All CCSU students are required to complete at least two courses beyond Intermediate Algebra (MATH 101).
If you have placed into Math 099, You are REQUIRED to pass Math 099 with at least a C- within your first 24 Credits.
**To see how to place out of MATH 099 summer 2016 click HERE.**
There are different mathematics course requirements for each major. You will learn more about this during your Advising and Orientation Program. Your SAT Math score is used to determine your eligibility for your first math course.
If you believe you are prepared for a higher level math course than your SAT Math score indicates, you may choose to take the Math Placement Exam
This chart determines your course eligibility based on your SAT Math score and your high school math background.
Mathematics course descriptions are found on-line at Courses Offered page.
Information for Incoming Freshmen
Placement Test ScoreSAT Math ScoreYou are eligible for these Math or Stat courses
10 or 11-Advised to take a community college pre-algebra course prior to MATH 099
12 - 16450 or belowMATH 099: Elementary Algebra
Review of fundamental algorithms of whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, and elementary algebra.
17 - 19460 to 490MATH 099: Elementary Algebra
MATH 101 Combination
a course that combines the content of MATH 099 with the content of MATH 101
20 - 29500 to 540MATH 101: Intermediate Algebra
30 - 39550 and aboveMath or statistics courses with MATH 101 as prerequisite (which may be determined by requirements of chosen major).
You are exempt from taking both MATH 099 and MATH 101
40 - 49600 and above with precalculus or calculus in high school with a grade of B or better.Math or statistics courses with MATH 101 or MATH 119 as prerequisite, which may be determined by requirements of chosen major.
-Advanced Placement exam credit for Calculus AB
(equivalent to MATH 152)
Math or statistics courses with MATH 101, or MATH 119, or MATH 152 as prerequisite, which may be determined by the requirements of chosen major.
Information for Transfer Students
If your Transcript Shows...Then you...
No Math, Stat, or SAT creditmust take the Mathematics Placement Exam.
Credit for MATH 099 onlyshould take MATH 101 as soon as possible.
Credit for MATH 1XX onlyshould contact the Department of Mathematical Sciences to determine whether or not you need to take the Mathematics Placement Exam.
Credit for MATH 099 and MATH 1XX onlyshould contact the Department of Mathematical Sciences to determine whether or not you need MATH 101.
Credit for MATH 101may take any Level 3 general education course; see the list below.
Credit for MATH 105 or abovemay use these courses to fulfill the general education requirement and possibly specific requirements for your major.
If you took the Mathematics Portion of the SATs within the past two years, this score may be used instead of a Placement Exam.
CSU Board of Trustees Proficiency Requirement at CCSU
Elementary Algebra (MATH 099) and Remedial English (ENG 099) are designed to provide students needing reinforcement with the proficiency in English and Mathematics necessary to undertake college-level courses. If you are required to take one of these courses, it must be successfully completed within your first 24 credits taken at CCSU or you will not be allowed to register for courses at CCSU or any other CSU institution. You may complete this requirement at CCSU, at a special reduced rate, during the summer prior to your first year.
See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
Math Placement Test Info
The Math Placement test is only given at The Learning Center (TLC), located in Copernicus 241. The Math Department does not conduct these tests. To take the Math Placement Test, you must call The Learning Center to schedule an appointment. You can reach TLC at: (860) 832-1900 or by visiting the TLC website.
Assistance for the Math Placement Test can be found at the Placement Test Help page.
Frequently Asked Questions
Should I take a Mathematics Placement Exam?
Consider taking a placement exam if you think, after reading the course descriptions, you are prepared to succeed in a higher-level course than the one you are eligible to take. Mathematics course descriptions are found online at the Courses Offered page. If you are taking algebra II or higher in your senior year, you might consider taking the mathematics placement exam.
How do I go about taking a Mathematics Placement Exam?
Placement Exams are offered by The Learning Center. Call (860) 832-1900 to sign up for a placement exam.
Can I complete my proficiency requirement before starting classes in the fall?
Yes. In fact, it is a good idea to do so.
How will I know which math class to take in the fall?
An academic advisor will enroll you in the appropriate math course, based on the major you indicate on your First Year Interest Survey. You will learn more about your curriculum when you come to your Advising and Orientation Program this summer.
My Math SAT is 460-490, should I choose the MATH 101 Combination course?
The MATH 101 Combination course combines both MATH 099 and 101. It meets 5 hours each week and covers an extensive amount of material. You should choose the MATH 101 Combination course if you are highly motivated and are willing to put in the extra effort. The benefit of successfully completing the Combination course is that you will satisfy the MATH 101 prerequisite, in a single semester, needed for other college level courses.
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Philip Halloran, Chair
Marcus White 129
David LaPierre, Administrative Assistant
Marcus White 128

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